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Want to be sure you’re always in the right light, your business accurately reflects your brand, and your voice is being heard amidst the chaos? I take my Master’s in Leadership and apply it to your photography journey with real clients for real results. Mentorships available to take your business through year one. Business tips, tricks, tools, and resources to help get you legal from the get-go so you can do more of what you do best: photograph amazing clients. Build your professionalism and your client experience all at once. Let me help you support your dream! 

education for photographers

Up to 2 hours/$450

We all start somewhere, and when I was in my first year of business, I desperately craved a friendly face who would pour out business tips and tricks for me to succeed at the “business” side of things. 

The Offerings: Meet with me for an hour of business coaching in person where you bring your questions and I bring my knowledge, tools, and resources to help you succeed from where you’re starting. 

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Coaching 1:1 - In Person Coaching

1 hour/$250

Virtual learning inspired by a mutual love for efficiency and getting things done. You still have questions but your schedule is tight. I get it - as a wife and mama to two littles while expecting our third and still working a day job, time is a valuable asset. 

The Offerings: Meet with me virtually for an hour of business coaching to get your questions answered and receive business tips and tricks along the way. Available to photographers across the nation. 

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Coaching 1:1 - Virtual Learning

$500/session (up to 2 hours)

Welcome me to your session where you photograph real clients and I offer on location training and education for your best session to date. Like wrapping yourself in a warm hug! 

The Offerings: Allow me to attend your session where I’ll offer tips and tricks, stories from personal experience, and real-time feedback to help improve your systems including lighting, posing, workflow, and more. 

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Session Mentoring